Grace to You

The Grace to You radio podcast is what you've come to expect from John MacArthur. Reliable interpretation, solid doctrine, and amazing insight make this podcast a great supplement to help you grow strong and fruitful as a Christian.
  1. On today’s episode of Grace to You, John MacArthur continues his series “Joy Rules” by showing you Scripture’s principles for a joy-filled life—regardless of circumstances.
  2. Scripture commands, “Rejoice always.” But how can you be content, thankful, and—yes—joyful, in every circumstance? Today on Grace to You, John MacArthur shows you how “Joy Rules” in the believer’s life.
  3. Being a joyful Christian doesn't happen automatically—you must take steps of obedience. John MacArthur walks through those steps today on Grace to You, as he continues his study in Philippians 1 called “Joy Rules.”
  4. Would those who know you best say you’re a joyful person? Have you considered what your joy—or lack thereof—tells others about your faith? Don’t miss today’s Grace to You broadcast, as John MacArthur digs into Philippians 1 to show you why “Joy Rules.”
  5. Being a Christian doesn't mean life will be problem free. So how can you face your troubles joyfully? Today on Grace to You, John MacArthur helps you answer that question as he continues his series called “Joy Rules.”