Grace to You

The Grace to You radio podcast is what you've come to expect from John MacArthur. Reliable interpretation, solid doctrine, and amazing insight make this podcast a great supplement to help you grow strong and fruitful as a Christian.
  1. What passes for peace today isn’t the real thing—most of the time, it’s merely a temporary halt in the hostilities. So who are the true peacemakers, and why did Jesus call them blessed? Find out today on Grace to You.
  2. What makes biblical happiness different from the world’s? Is it actually possible to live, as some have suggested, your “best life now”? John MacArthur answers those questions today on Grace to You in his study, “The Beatitudes.”
  3. “Blessed are the pure in heart” might be the most important of Jesus’s eight Beatitudes. But what does purity of heart look like in the life of the believer? Find out today on Grace to You as John MacArthur continues his study titled “The Beatitudes.”
  4. How can displaying God-honoring, biblical mercy make you a happier person? Today on Grace to You, John MacArthur helps you understand the link between being merciful and being truly happy. It’s his continuing study, “The Beatitudes.”
  5. Mercy can be defined a number of ways. So which did Jesus mean when He said, “Blessed are the merciful”? John MacArthur helps you see what it takes to practice the mercy Jesus praised; join his study today on Grace to You in “The Beatitudes.”