Patterns in the Cults

Christian Science: Healing to Death

Destructive Cults

Destructive Mind Control

From Miller's Prediction to Koresh's Rise

The Apocalyptic Cry is Not New

Galatia Revisited

Heaven's Gate Timeline

Classic Doctrines of Armstrongism

History of Armstrongism

Armstrongism: Obedience Unto Death

Why the Cults are Growing

Kidnapping and the Cults

Cult or Cultic?

Faith Unto Death: Koresh, Jones, Freeman and Berg

Elements of Spiritual Abuse

A History of False Prophecies

The History of the Branch Davidians

Branch Davidian Theology

David Koresh's Seven Seals Teaching

The Unification Church: Moonshine for the Soul

God's Salvation Church

Thy Word, O Lord

Cult Recruiting Methods

Beating the Sheep

Legalism: A Zeal for God, or Self?

Religious Dysfunction

Spiritual Abuse in the Bible?

The Use of Mind Control in Religious Cults (Part One)

The Use of Mind Control in Religious Cults (Part Two)

A Rebuttal of Branch Davidian Theology