God's Three Deadlines

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J. Harold Smith - God's Three Deadlines SINNING AWAY YOUR DAY OF GRACE This statement has confused a lot of people. Some ministers use this term when preaching on the unpardonable sin; some say this is the only UNPARDONABLE sin. What does it mean? It means a person says “NO” to God one time too many, and he departs this world before he has another chance to be saved. For instance, if a man attends church Sunday after Sunday, he hears the Word of God, he is convicted of sin, he feels in his heart that he should be saved and live right, BUT– – he refuses to be saved, he refuses to give his heart to God in response to the Spirit’s call, he rejects God’s grace again and again– –ONE DAY God will withdraw His call. No one can say when–for no one knows how many times God will call.