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I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” ~ Psalm 91:2

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  • Bassura City adalah sebuah kawasan hunian superblok dengan konsep mixed Use Development, yaitu sebuah kawasan yang memadukan antara hunian ( apartemen, hotel ) dan commercial area ( shopping mal, office, cinema, convention hall, sport facilities, education center, health care ).

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    5 hours 36 minutes ago
  • CSN shared a video.
    "Why Is God Silent?" Pastor Bob DAILY!

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  • CSN shared a video.
    PRINCE OF PEACE - Michael Youssef

    PRINCE OF PEACE - Michael Youssef

    4 days ago
  • CSN shared a video.
    What Is ISIS? – Leading The Way Iraq Update 1/9

    Dr. Michael Youssef and Joshua Youssef discuss the evolution of radical jihadist groups like ISIS, the ultimate goals of these extremist groups, and...

    4 days ago
  • Then Jesus said, "I am the bread that gives life. The person that comes to me will never be hungry. The person that believes in me will never be thirsty. — John 6:35 (ERV)

    Key Thought:
    Hunger is a powerful motivator. When human beings get hungry enough, they will do almost anything to acquire food. What if we were that hungry for God? What if we were that hungry for God's Bread, his Son Jesus? While we have learned to recognize our physical hunger, so many today cannot identify that empty spot in their souls, the ache in their hearts, as a hunger for God. Only God, through his Son Jesus can truly fill this empty spot. Jesus is the one who quenches our spiritual thirst and satisfies our spiritual hunger. Come to him. Listen to him. Let his words and his love give you life!

    Today's Prayer:

    Satisfy my thirsty soul, O God, and satisfy my spiritual hunger. I have tried to fill the void with diversions and trifles that do not satisfy. Father, only Jesus can fill this empty spot in my soul. Only your Son can sustain me through the challenging days I face. I believe in you, Lord Jesus. I praise you. Amen.
    7 days ago